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IV Moscow international festival of visual anthropology 


Moscow Festival of Visual Anthropology imperceptibly approaches its anniversary. In 2010 the 5th festival there will take place and at that time ten years of the work connected with its organization will pass.

Three previous festivals were a period of formation―determination of our role in cultural life of Russia and place among world festivals of visual anthropology―search for our “face.” As a result we formulated the motto of the third festival―“mediating camera.” This way we emphasised the main problem of visual anthropology―the position of person with camera, to whom the representatives of one culture give credence to form their image, which will be shown to the representatives of other cultures.

From the way a visual anthropologist understands the nature of his responsibility, how he masters the language of cinema, and how far he knows the culture he is dealing with, what feelings he encounters, and how it interprets in his creative work, depends the quality of films intended for public performance. All further actions he does to achieve the main purpose―realization of screen dialogue of cultures―will be finally determined by the fact how he realizes his role of a mediator.

Remembering the traditional tasks―showing of variety and beauty of world’s cultures, discovering their deep togetherness, use of traditional sources of cultures, drawing the attention of wide circle of specialists and spectators to the capabilities of the visual anthropology―the Moscow festival will pursue meet its purpose defined by the motto “mediating camera”.

We believe that this approach corresponds most closely to the purpose of visual anthropology, and defines its place among the other kinds of activity, which contribute to the spread of humane ideas.

Evgeny Aleksandrov,
director of Moscow international festival of visual anthropology




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