Moscow International Forum of Visual Anthropology



General statement

International Forum of Visual Anthropology “Mediating Camera” runs every two years in Moscow. The Forum aims are to show the diversity and unity of peoples cultures of the World, audience meeting with the daily life of people in the most remote places of Earth, establishment of a dialogue with them trough the screen.

Festival’s title expresses its concept, basic objectives and principles of film selection. This is, above all, the ethical responsibility of a person with the camera infront of a culture being filmed and infront of the audience.

Forum accepts documentaries made by filmmakers and anthropologists from all around the world.

IX International Forum of Visual Anthropology “Mediating Camera” will be held in May 2021 at various venues in Moscow.

Forum main purposes and objectives

– Demonstration of originality, singularity and historical conditionality of peoples’ lifestyle all over the world;

– Formation of mutual understanding and respect between different cultures by means of science and cinema;

– Presentation and information support of authors and studios, creating films on visual anthropology;

– Integration of Russian Visual Anthropology into the world’s humanitarian community.

Forum founders and organizers

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS

Forum program

Main program

Debut competition

Special programs

Terms of participation in 2021 edition
Forum invites documentary films made not earlier than 2018. In order to participate you should fill registration form on our website and provide online link to film screener.
Restrictions: films of main program should not exceed 90 minutes, debut films – 40 minutes.

Film selection

Films will be selected by the selection committee in accordance with the concept of the Festival. The results of the selection will be announced not later than December 2021.

Submitted films are stored in the Festival archive for non-commercial use in research and educational purposes.

Festival Organizing Committee is considering the opportunities of partial covering of the participants’ expenses.


Debut films competition jury consists of leading film directors and anthropologists.

Contact Information

The list of participants, schedule and other information about the Festival can be found on the website:

Tel .: +7 495 939 3292; + 7 495 938 1820


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