Visual Anthropology

Visual Anthropology is neither simply cinema nor simply ethnography. During its short history which probably started with the excellent Robert Flaherty “Nanouk of the North” Visual Anthropology has revealed itself much broader than filming of exotic peoples. 

The current definition of Visual Anthropology sounds like follows: it is a cultural activity where cinema art, humanities and information technologies interact to receive and include in social practice visual information on ethnic traditions to perform dialogue of cultures. 

Visual Anthropology uses all the arsenal of contemporary information means, cinema art and humanitarian scholarship. It seems to be one of the most effective means to prevent ethnic and religious conflicts. It aims at preserving images of little known and vanishing cultures, showing their specificity and universal essence, dialogue between alienated worlds. 

Synthetic nature of Visual Anthropology which unites expression of contemporary art and humanitarian ideas provides interest not only of professionals but also of the broader circle of viewers intrigued by historical destinies of their family, their people, their world.

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